The shed, city of bayswater

The City of Bayswater gives its residents 3 rubbish skips a year to take away big rubbish.
So Melinda ordered one this week, I wondered what we were going to fill it up with.
This afternoon when I got back from the office I found out!

We unpacked and repacked our little garden shed. Did I say little? That thing was like the tardis. We filled up the skip, no problem. Very satisfied with the shed though. Hit on the brilliant idea of hanging a lot of tools and things from the sides. Left a lot of floor space. Feels nice to have the shed back in operational mode. Took the time out to organise my tools and things, feels nice to know where everthing is.

After all that work we bought ourselves some ‘magic pizza’. These are good pizzas. Old Italian guy on Beaufort st. Proper cheese, ham, etc. Dont eat Dominoes unless you have too. Buy good pizza.

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