He does answer prayers

A little while back, about 8 months ago, a friend who does not come to church told me that, ‘there is no way you will get a house like you want in Bedford for that price’.

I was sharing with her that we felt God was calling us to be in the area. In other words more incarnational in our approach. (I did not use those exact words, but that is what I was seeking to convey). I also shared that we would love our son to go to Inglewood pre primary. Her response was “there is no way you will get him in to that class, the kindy has 75 kids in it, and the pre primary goes down to 50. You cannot get a spot, especially not at this late stage”. (This was 8 months before!!)

On both counts she was right, there was no earthly way this could happen. She is a self confessed athiest.
Then, through some remarkable circumstances, we came to buy a house, a beautiful house, with a magnificent kitchen, in a great central street, for a very reasonable price. We paid no agent fees as it was a private sale. In fact we were the only ones who knew it was going to be for sale, and we found out through some extraordinary circumstances. To give you some idea, houses in the area we were looking at rarely get to a house open, they are normally sold within 48 hours. That is no exageration.

Then, this morning, a number of months after buying the house, after we had almost given up hope, and had enroled our son in an alternative school, the Inglewood Primary School secretary rings us up and tells us there is a suprise vacancy. After my wife had finished shreaking down the phone, we were both reminded of the conversation we had with this lady.

God is good, He won’t be mocked. Prayers offered up in His will, and for His purposes are generally answered. We are so happy to be doing what He wants, and to have it confirmed in this way. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us next.

2 thoughts on “He does answer prayers”

  1. I am staying close to the Edwards family and Bedford Baptist, God has started something great there and I am making sure I am around to get caught up in it!

  2. Fantastic news Mark! God has SOOO been in this move for you guys. Don’t forget the other side of this move when your house in Ellenbrook sold so quickly. Good stuff 🙂

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