Would you want your son to go there?

This dad does not, and he is not the first one.

“THE father of a top young Victorian footballer has expressed concern that his son could be drafted to West Coast.
Peter Cotchin, father of star midfielder Trent, told the Herald Sun he was concerned his 17-year-old boy could land in a dangerous environment.
“It’s just the culture of the footy club . . . in the back of your mind you do worry about those things,” Mr Cotchin said. “

Herald Sun

5 thoughts on “Would you want your son to go there?”

  1. i’d also be very very worried about having a teenage son move to the other side of the country into the influences that have done so much damage at a certain club (.. and i don’t mean freo).

    btw.. i love the new look of your blog!

  2. I can fully understand Cotchin on that, but not just about WC, I’d say any club. I’d have the same concerns with my son if he ever ends up on that path. But isn’t that the reality of life and kids growing up? The best thing that can be done is to teach them about making good choices when they’re young and standing up for what they believe and what’s right. I’m sure that if they can stand on their own strong enough, that they will stand firm on influences around them and have support structures in place. However, there would certainly be some clubs I would rather my son play for at the moment than others.

  3. Yes….there is at least one very committed young Christian who plays for the weages….I wonder if he feels like Daniel amongst the Persians at times….

  4. Yep and also a pretty committed and supportive chaplain at WC. It would be interesting to know whether we are just judging teams from what we see / hear on media to what it’s actually like, especially for the young fellas. It looks like Juddy kept his head on and stayed out of stuff so maybe there’s just a select few and the club is just getting branded. Probably like a church when a couple of it’s members stuff up, it makes the whole church look like a hypocritical mish mash.

  5. I think the issue is that there have been so many off field dramas, it does make you wonder about the leadership and overarching culture at the place.

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