Sunday Mind Dump

Good service this morning….
Laid back, contemplative service as we looked at the Eucharist, our first element in the series…’Remember’, as we look at some ancient traditions which inform contemporay practices. We did the new Hillsongs son..’Saviour King’ E and K did a great job of it as an item. Also continuing to enjoy some great coffee after the service! I involved the kids, asking them to repeat the phrase Jesus said, “do this to remember me”

This afternoon this great news came in…

“The term ‘spiritual captain’ has been over used in the last couple of seasons, but one player who certainly does fit the title is the Dockers former captain, Peter Bell. In a sign of confidence in the direction of the club from the port, Bell has confirmed that he will play on in 2008.

Rookie Dockers coach Mark Harvey is believed to have worked very hard to convince Bell to continue his stellar career, capped off with what many pundits believe to be his most productive season in 2007. He was used very effectively as a pinch hitting forward pocket player, supplementing the superb work of Jeff Farmer.

The news will come as a surprise to popular football commentator Tim Gossage, who on Friday stated that Bell would definitely not play on in 2008.” (Perth Norg)

Off to Cervantes tommorow with some friends….cant wait…fishing, beer, pancakes and sleeping in…..need the break…back mid week.

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