Cousins and West Coast….my view

I actually have a lot of sympathy for Ben Cousins, and I hope that at some point in the future he is able to relax, and think that life is okay, and that the demon hand of drugs has left him. I hope he does no more self harm to himself, and lives a long and good life.

However, he cannot possibly be allowed to play football anymore. The West Coast should do something strong, which they have failed to do thus far, and they must sack him. If they dont, they will have no reputation left at all, if indeed they have any credibility.

SGIO, an insurance company, a solid citizen of the corporate world, must also withdraw their sponsorship of the club. The corporate world should not support a club which takes no moral responsibility for the behaviour of its players.
West Coast must act now, but the fact they have failed to act sooner, has in no small way, led to the events of yesterday.

The fans must also take responsibility. How sycophantic and ridiculous does the standing ovation Ben recieved feel now? Will the sign writer who wrote, “we admire what you have overcome” burn their sign? The undulating support on 6peagle last night was sickening, ‘get of his back’, ‘its the medias fault’….sheesh.

Apparently Ben smiled through his arrest last night, and asked the police to wait so the “West Australian” could get a decent photo of him. Maybe this is a cry for help. Maybe he has had enough of himself. He needs some tough love.

One of the many issues for the West Coast is the line from their song which talks about ‘the men from the east’. It embodies something about their culture which is a ‘them and us’ mentality. WA is a state of pioneers, and rumours of secession. We have not trusted those from the East. Unfortunately the WC Eagles are seen as being part of the ‘us’ and thus immune from scrutiny.

Those of us who dont support them, are constantly suprised by the depth of denial that emmenates from the WC management, the media and their fans. They are the worst behaved sporting club in Australia…bar none.

The lack of media and fans scrutiny of the club have led in some small way to Ben’s demise, and again, I wish him all the best.

9 thoughts on “Cousins and West Coast….my view”

  1. Well Mark, you’ve read the culture around West Coast a lot better than I’d given you credit for. Your comments around what WC should do, as well as SGIO seems to me to be pretty spot on.

    But I think it’s a bit rough to be having a crack at the person who held up the “we admire what you have overcome” sign, seems to me to be a bit rough. I don’t think that there’s any shame in believing the best in someone – particularly about the team you support. Sure, it might have been naive, but as a supporter of a team who is infamous for eating their own – this is certainly the response I’d prefer.

    I know that there’s an element of having a crack at the dominant team in your state (at least in terms of following), so I hope I haven’t taken this too seriously.

  2. “I don’t think that there’s any shame in believing the best in someone”

    I agree…but there comes a point where it goes from loyal support to blind sycophantic nonsense…and over here, I believe, it is definetly the latter.

  3. As a non fan of any club I really don’t care that much.

    I think it is pretty tiring watching the Eagles wipe themselves out as they are doing.

    But I also find your responses to Eagles much harsher than your treatment of Jeff Farmer and the Dockers!

    I’m not sure your’s is an objective voice here Mark 🙂

  4. “I don’t think Mark would claim for an instant to be an objective voice. :)” LOL! Yep, i suppose he can say what he likes on his blog.

    But if we are talking about “but there comes a point where it goes from loyal support to blind sycophantic nonsense” then I think i would suggest mark you aren’t far from this either when it comes to your team …

  5. then don’t criticize other peoples blind favoritism of their teams? there is a word for that. i think jesus used it about the pharisees :-p of course, being a fan of the reigning premiers it is easy for me up here on my high horse. the view is good, i will tell you that much.

  6. lucky bugger…enjoy…and I will continue to be bias…. 🙂

    The wa media has been incredibly one eyed up to this point, and the fans have been far more undiscerning than me….:)

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