Chasers and Howard

This is a tough one….I watched the Chasers on Wednesday night…and in particular Hansens song about how we forget the bad points and exagerate the good points of someone when they are dead. They used some very crude language, which was unnecessary, and were very crude in their explanations of their points, but they were also funny, and had a point to make.

They also made their point when they started saying something about Belinda Emmett, but then stopped, making the point that there are some things you should just not touch…..

I can understand totally if people were offended by this song, and it is not something that could be played in church, or even in the same loungeroom as your mum was sitting in, yet they had a point to make…….

I cannot totally be critical of it, because I watched it and laughed…so that would be hypocritical of me. But I wondered if they went right up to the edge, and then went over the other side.

The Prime Minister certainly thought so…and in fact had the better of the Chaser boys this morning when he quipped in obvious disgust to them, “you guys are funnier when you are making fun of people who are alive”….he was obviously disgusted with them, but used one of their tools to make his point…humour……

No matter what you think of the PM….I dont think he is going to lose this election by much, he is too clever for that… fact I dont think he is going to lose it at all…..

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