For those about to vote Green

You could do worse than at least have a look at this post.

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  1. Mmmm, I’ve had a read. I agree with the author’s point of view on the decriminalizing brothels debate, but I think the vast majority of the rest of the post is a gross mis-representation of the policies of the Greens.

    Here’s an article that comes close to articulating why I’ll be putting the Greens ahead of either of the major parties in the Senate:
    I don’t agree with everything Jim says there, (and indeed some of the Green’s policies) but I do think it’s a lot closer to what the greens are really about.

  2. I was fwd this greens review yesterday and like Geoff found the information regarding the brothel issue interesting indeed.

    But the more i read the more concerned i became as some of the critique slipped from being factual to being passionately wrong.

    I’ve just spent the past year studying the harm minimisation policy of Australia and the way lance summarised it was more akin to conservartive fear mongering (not that i’m saying that was his intention) than factual, statistical reality.

    Unfortunately, this then made me rethink all of the other points as maybe simply reflecting little fact and more biased propaganda. Again – not that this was his purpose, but that is the unfortunate consequence of passionate but one-sided reviews.

    I commend Lance for taking the time to attempt to investigate the greens, although it is does reflect a traditional conservative christian (Liberal party) point of view. I do however hope that he also puts the same effort into reviewing the policies fo all the other parties, and at some point attempts to step outside of his point of view and try to view it from some other vantage points too.

    ahh politics, nothing like an election to get the debates happening.

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