Saddleback almost burns…

The fires in Orange County have come perilously close to Saddleback Church….within about 500 metres apparently.

“Trisha Wuich, 32, creative arts coordinator at nearby Saddleback Church, had spent the day watching the fire from her office window. Her curiosity got the best of her, however, and now she stood within feet of the conflagration, taking cell-phone videos to send to her husband.

“I probably shouldn’t do this,” she said as ash darkened the late-afternoon sky. “But it’s natural curiosity. I called my husband and said, ‘If I’m dead it’s because of curiosity.’ We were watching flames from a distance, and all of a sudden separate patches jumped together. It came out of nowhere; your eyes started to water and your chest started to tighten.”

Suddenly an Orange County sheriff’s deputy appeared and ordered the gawkers to leave. “Adios, sayonara, bye bye everybody,” he said.

As the throng departed reluctantly toward the Ralphs grocery store on nearby Portola Parkway, a fire engine arrived with its lights flashing to knock the flames down.


2 thoughts on “Saddleback almost burns…”

  1. when i first read that title i thought it said “saddle burns” and imagined a bad case of cowboy chafing from too much riding 🙂

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