At this rate the Weegirls wont have a midfield….

Both Andrew Embley and Daniel Kerr have been involved in an incident outside the Niche Bar Nightclub in Leedervile. The two Eagles midfielders were outside the club at 3.30 am on Sunday, and police were called due to a disturbance involving the two players.

Eagles spokesperson Gary Stocks has spoken to the press and said that Kerr and Embley have been spoken to by the club. The Eagles say that no further action is required. However with the AFL meeting shortly to discuss possible sanctions over the most recent Cousins incident, this story could not have come at a worse time.

Police are continuing their enquiries but have not laid any charges yet. Apparently both players were involved in a fight,but it is not clear yet who with.

Woosha must be tearing his hair out….

One thought on “At this rate the Weegirls wont have a midfield….”

  1. they must be so thankful they’ve got darren glass there to take over as captain cos none of the other main contenders (usual suspects was just too obvious a jibe) seem to be able to stay out of trouble

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