Justin Longmuir retires

A few things which stand out as the great man retires.
He retires to help the club, they would have had to pay him out, and it would have affected our salary cap.
He retires with his head held high….having never caused the club any reason to be ashamed of his on or off field behaviour.

I have met him once, at the Cervantes Tavern. Good bloke, spoke to him about ‘that mark’. In fact if you look at the video below, you can see me….I am the blond guy jumping up and down. One of the best, most ecstatic footy moments of my life. It is a great great shame that he has been struck down by knee problems, but he leaves with no regrets, because he gave it all. Well done Justin Longmuir, we Freo fans will never forget this moment, when in a piece of time, you gave 38, 000 people reason to scream, cheer and hug people they do not know.

One thought on “Justin Longmuir retires”

  1. Awesome stuff. That is the stuff you dream about as a kid down the local park. It was a great tackle by McPharlin too!

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