Well yes…tell us something we dont know….

“And do not think that it will stop there. The West Coast administration has overseen a culture of drug abuse within its team for years. Officials admit it now.

It appears the club put success ahead of rigorous values.

Daniel Kerr, Chad Fletcher, Michael Gardiner, Daniel Chick, Beau Waters, Quinten Lynch, Michael Braun. They have not been saints.
It is believed the West Coast administration was told Cousins had issues with drugs when he was just 18. Fine, but Benny is a very good player. Very good players observe different rules.
The AFL has threatened to punish West Coast. It must do more than that and it will. And West Coast must make the men in charge of the club during the Cousins era accountable, too.”

Now why did this not appear in the West Australian? Oh, thats right, we dont say negative things about the weegirls in this state…


4 thoughts on “Well yes…tell us something we dont know….”

  1. Mark – I am no Eagle fan, but maybe a footy club could be a little like your fellowship, I’m working at Albany Regional and I know that Chrisitains I have locked up tarnish the whole fellowship, not just themselves. I have 2 kinda nephews that play for the Eagles, 1 I know is a very strong Christian, the other very dedicated to his health, when I see you write these comments, I see their faces and this is not good. Those that are down it is us, who needs to help lift them up.
    I think you might be aware of my journey and it was the love of others that helped me – funny though, it was more from the left than the right – I wonder why?

  2. Good comments Mark….
    please dont take my comments re Eagles too seriously….

    This is what I really think

    I am sure tha most of the team are great fine upstanding blokes, including guys like Mark Seaby, who is a strong Christian…..

    there are a couple (up to 8 according to Woosha) who have tarnished the lot with their drug use.

    The problem has been that key leaders in the club, both players and administrators, have let drug and other issues slide because the players involved are really skillful players.

    It todays society, that cant happen. They need to at very least, have strong sanctions against the player, such as suspension.

    Case in point….this years premiers, Geelong, The players suspended Stephen Armstrong for six weeks for off field drinking issues. Now….the guy has a Norm Smith and Premiership medallion around his kneck…

    There is no short term remedy….

    The other huge issue is that in this two team town, the players have been a protected species from the perth Media.

    (But most of my comments on this blog re Weegirls and that of a raving bias fan, and not to be taken too seriously…)

    PS…love your new blog…The Bridge Fellowship sounds great!

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