A good friend of mine, someone I trust, someone I listen to, and ask their advice of, let me know that some of my comments are less than sensitive. I sometimes forget this blog is public……even if the stats bear out that I sometimes have over 150 visits a day (who are you people?)
So I want to apologise to anyone who has been genuinely hurt by any comments I have made on this blog. If you are a friend, and feel the need to contact me, feel free, privately. I don’t have it all together….thats for sure.
Can we divorce from an act, the thoughts or circumstances that lead to that act?

The answer in my view is probably no. So therefore my comments were ill timed, and insensitive. A couple of people have mentioned we need to be like Jobs friend who just listened, point taken……

Suicide is never the answer, even if it feels that way. But this does not mean that there are not reasons or circumstances that might lead someone to do that, and these reasons might be understandable. The problem is that often those who do commit suicide, just do it, and help, love, compassion, advice, even strong words, are not able to be given.

I feel sorry for those who have to deal with people and families that go through this tradgedy, and have to suffer the grief and pain when someone chooses to end their life.

One more thing, which I feel needs to be said. There are many others with agendas, against pastors, and with little understanding of what a pastor goes through. They make many presumptions, do not display love, responsibility or accountability. Life is too short to listen to them. I have done that in the past, to my detriment, I am trying to ignore them more now, its not easy, I still care too much what people who don’t care about me, think of me.

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