Tired, happy, hot

We had a great Refresh camp at Bedford….I can reccomend Lake Leschenaultia on a hot day….and I can reccomend my wifes cooking.
There is a mantra that what happened at camp, stays at camp…but one good friend in particular…during the singing bee we had on Saturday…..was exceptionally good, he can sing, dance and ‘make the moves’….I laughed and laughed…he knows who he is…pity ‘goggles’ was not there to see it!! 🙂

The service on Sunday was really good, with some guest musicians who added to our own great team…and we had a time which touched some folk, which was great.

It took me far too long to put up my new tent, and I recieved an absolute ribbing about it on Saturday night….curse the video camera and video editor…..

Kids had a great time, nice to be out in the bush….nice to spend time with good friends, and church family.

2 thoughts on “Tired, happy, hot”

  1. Full “Mark-s” to you Mark for holding a church camp under canvas! We hold our camp in dorms at the Busselton Baptist Campsite – and even then there are three or four families that book into the Abbey beach resort down the road for the weekend. Whimps!

  2. I really enjoying camping, I like it best when I’m all set up, relaxing, sitting, watching – the couple next door with all those kids setting up camp after a 400 km journey. You know they just want to go right off, but out of the corner of their eye they see an observer (me) and try to keep it all in. Yeah, camping for me, I think how one set’s up their camp is a relection of the inner self – this is what I think.

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