Singing in church

Had a interestiong conversation with a bloke last week. He is a strong, tough guy. Works in a male dominated environment, rides a motorbike etc etc.

Because of work commitments he can’t make church every week, but he made a interesting comment to me. He said I need to come to church and just get involved in the singing. It gives me strength. Strength? This guy could flatten a lot of guys in a bar fight. What strength does he mean? Well he, like a lot of blokes, probably most of us, has struggles in the ‘relationship’ area of his life. He does not have a Christian upbringing, in fact he became a Christian in his 20’s. But coming to church, singing together, brings some tangible strength to him which he does not find anywhere else.

“It is the voice of the church that is heard in singing together. It is not you who sings, it is the church that is singing, and you as a member of the church may share in its song.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Worship in singing does transform the world, if it provides us with energy, renewal and purpose for the week, or in some cases the month ahead.

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  1. I’m currently reading the autobiography of General Peter Cosgrove, recently retired head of the ADF. You couldn’t find a more blokey bloke. In it he describes his reasons for attending Mass while on deployment in East Timor saying, “I also sought the upliftment and reflection that opportunities to worship provide …” Of the music and his experience he wrote, “The very large congregation crammed into the cathedral and the hundreds crowding around the entrances and windows outside sang wonderfully melodic, often haunting, hymns with such beautiful harmony, passion and full-throatedness that I had a lump in my own throat every time they raised their voices in song. As the final hymn drew to a close, I was much moved and thought to myself that the faith, forbearance and courage of these people was indomitable.”

    Worship is for blokes too.

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