Full House part two

On reflection what is really making my heart sing is not the number of people there on Sunday, but the type.

It seems to me Jesus was not interested in the religious people of his day, in fact he reserved some very harsh words for them. Some commentators even believe he swore at them, such was his anger at their lack of grace and compassion.

The people He was interested in were those on a journey. The needy.

At church at the moment we have a number of folk attending who would not say they are signed up members of the ‘church set’, but they are coming.
It keeps you on your toes, it forces you to be aware of the words you use, and the presumptions you make.

Another key point I am mulling over is this. People generally speaking do not come to Christ at a crusade or key event anymore. They come first to a community, and then grow to faith by being exposed to a community of faith. This is happening in our midst. The ‘face’ of our church has changed.

I am impressed by the power of our community. Everyone doing their part. The big positive changed started with our new structures that were adopted last year. They are bearing fruit. Individual Ministry Team Leaders are really leading, and being innovative and creative, because they can.

I have not been as happy in ministry as I am at this point.

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