Junky Car Club

I joined this a few weeks back, but Phil Bakers post reminded me of it, that and the sticker I just got in the mail.

Here is their blurb,
“The Junky Car Club is a car club whose members are learning to live with less so we can give more. We’re a bunch of happy drivers that are politely rebelling against consumerism by driving junky cars. We encourage our members to use their dough to support social justice causes instead of making fat car payments. Junky Car Club members sponsor kids who live in poverty through Compassion International and help other great organizations. We believe in environmental stewardship and hangin onto things a little longer. Click on the banner below to join! “

If, like me, your car is a little junky, and you support a sponsor child, you can become an “Elite Lemon Membership”.
I have just submitted my photo, so it should be up there soon!


5 thoughts on “Junky Car Club”

  1. when i moved back to perth in july i bought a hyundai excel which cost less than $3000 and has great fuel economy. unfortunately this has more to do with me being a tight arse and less to do with altruistic reasons

  2. Great idea Mark – but I hope those Junkie cars have not got junky, smoking engines that are not only a danger to the planet but the occupants themselves. I got a Patrol and last time I was filling it up the guy at the station said, could you turn your engine off you are gainning on me – dinkim!!

    Mark R

  3. hmmm i bought a brand new car on Friday. Though my reasons for spending that money was so my daily running expenses would pretty well be halved (coming from a suped up Falcon)…

    And I have a sponsor child…

    i wouldn’t give up sponsoring or giving money away just so i could have a new car.

  4. Hey Mark, your car’s not so bad … but have you had a chance to tighten the fan belt yet? That’ll stop the squealing. 🙂

    We save a lot of money by only being a one car family.

    I cycle to work and back every day saving us money on car costs, petrol, insurance, registration and lots more.

    We are on quite a low income but we still manage to sponsor a child and support other worthwhile causes.

  5. Thank you Rodney! 🙂 I love my car actually….it gets me where I want to go……fishing at a Cervantes beach with my son….
    and yes, I have fixed the squealing fanbelt (only took me about 12 months!)

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