Tired but grateful

We had a great carols night last night.
The weather was beautiful, the band and choir sounded great, the sound was good, the bouncy castle bounced, and the sausages sizzled.

We had over 500 people there, which considering we had very minimal advertising, was a great turnout. They all seemed to have a great time, relaxing, singing and being a community together.

You cannot put on such an event without a group of people around you and resources to make it happen. You cannot impact the community, and bring people together, without a lot of help. A motivated Christian Community who care about the wider community, and sharing the message of Christ with them.

I shared minimally, but the message was in the songs, the love shown, the care given, and the effort taken, with no financial reward in mind.

I must also thank profusely Pastor Craig Lydon from Beaumaris Baptist Church who came along and did the sound for us. We have done it ourselves in the past, but this year Craig came along and did an excellent job.

It feels to me like our continued visible presence in the community will have lasting effects. It is a spiritually enriching experience to stop and reflect on what happened.

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