Remarkable Sunday

We had a remarkable service today….

The band was great, there was a full church…but that was not it.

Geoff and Annette Louwen shared their testimony, as did Bill and Betty Dobbs. God brought them both to our church this morning. Both are quite different in age, experience and background….but they are all setting off as missionaries. The Louwens around Australia, and the Dobbs around the US, Canada and Alasaka. God spoke to us all through their testimony. I finished it off with a challenge to undersand where our security comes from. Both couples have sold all they have and are setting off with no real itinerary, determined to see God move through their ministries. Their security is not coming from material things, but from God.

I talked about how my son loved exploring the Tasmanian wilderness, but would not have done so without his dad (me) being by his side. With the Father’s presence, comes confidence and courage to live the adventure of life.

It was truly a privilege, honour and God given pleasure to be in Church this morning.

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