Sunday morning at ‘church’

Well sort of, in an Andrew Hamilton sort of way 🙂

We have our Pre Christmas Eve service tonight, so we did not have a service at Bedford this morning, I stuck a sign on the door, just in case someone had not listened the past four weeks, read their bulletin, or checked their emails……

So my wife organised a christmas bbq/street party at the local park. Met a bunch of great people who live on our street. Ate some bacon and eggs and played a dad versus kids game of soccer. Because most of the dads (except me) are originally from the UK, the dads kicked the kids butts. But in the end, soccer was the winner.

Great morning and opportunity to strike up friendships in our local community. People really appreciated it.

Tonight we are having our service with bring and share dinner first. Expecting a big crowd, going to play some Christmas games, including a ‘do you know the lyrics’ singing contest. Will be great fun!!!

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