Bremer Bay…Memories

Loaded up….. Ready to go
No need to let them down
Happy as he could be
Nothing more precious than…..
Lined up

2 thoughts on “Bremer Bay…Memories”

  1. Great photos mate – sorry could not catch up … but work has been full on 12 hour shifts and a few overtimes thrown in!!!!
    Those photos decided me to pack up this weekend and boot off to BB this weekend …. we have been going there as a family 15 years in a row, this is the first time we decided not to go BUT those pics decided us and we are off!!!
    Lucky us – only 2 hours away, 1 hour set up and we are in the idle back mode. Bless you heaps Mar.
    Mark R

  2. no prob….we meant to visit Venice pizza bar…..but forget, and had awful chinese instead.

    Lots of room at the caravan park, most people have gone home….but try and get a grassed site!!

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