New Data Projectors for Church

We have just, after much prayer, planning and paperwork, got out church 2 new Sanyo PLC-XU78 Data projectors. XGA 3,000 Lumens.

Our seniors in particular had noted the deteriating brightness of our present projector, and we need two for when we have bigger crowds in.

The crowd I bought them off are Christians, which is not always good, but they seem to do good deals for churches, for ministry sake. Delivery was good, but of course over Christmas no one seems to be working.

I have just tested them out, and they look good.
My sense is that a church service should be telling a story. Someone said to me once, rather briskly, that Jesus would not have a data projector. I disagree. Jesus was the ultimate story teller. He would have grabbed one to use to tell stories with I reckon.

This is what I want our church to be moving toward. A place where people come and experience truth through story.

6 thoughts on “New Data Projectors for Church”

  1. Attendence and services will increase between now and the end of March followed by a steady decline until late december when attendence will peak. Naturally these projections do not take into account the potential for serious natural disasters which would also see a sudden increase in attendence.


    Church Data PROJECT-ORS not PROJECT-IONS. . .

    Yes it does seem a bit too much like work!

  2. I think that would have been Penultimate story teller then Dave – although don’t take ,y word for it as I was only the pre-ante-penultimate member of my english class.

  3. Mark…It has been known to come to my place for a beer, pizza and football night with the boys….purely for outreach reasons of course…(see Hamos blog on TV’s)

    (For those of you who dont know what Dave/Grendel are talking about, I foolishly called Jesus the Penultimate story teller, but I have corrected my mistake in the original blog to ultimate….as indeed he is the best, not second best)

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