Okay, what’s wrong with this picture?

A friend alerted me to this Church’s website.

Anyone dare to guess what is wrong with the quote they are using?

Apart from the obvious, there are some other reasons to avoid this church!

10 thoughts on “Okay, what’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. You forgot to mention Mark that the church removed the quote when it was realised the source and context. I guess it was an honest, but particularly unfortunate mistake by the web designer.

    So now that you have made your post about not liking people who criticise others, I am just wondering what the “other reasons” are for avoiding this church?

    Is it because they “were the first mainline church to take a stand against slavery (1700)”? or “the first to ordain an African American person (1785)”? or “the first to ordain a woman (1853)”? or “the first in foreign missions (1810)”? Or perhaps it has something to do with this…“the first to ordain openly gay lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons (1972)?

    Just wondering what your thoughts are? You have made a negative comment about this church, perhaps you can back it up with some facts.

  2. Hi Nilmot
    I did not forget to post about the fact they had now removed the quote. I had no intention of referring to the fact they had now fixed the quote. My post was a light hearted jab at a unfortunate error.

    As to the reasons to avoid the church, well this was meant to be light heartededly as well, not taken too seriously.
    However I suppose you are referring to the homosexual issue. I dont support ordaining practicing homosexuals. But my blog is not the place I want to debate that issue with you.

  3. Come to my blog and debate it if you want!

    But really my point is that you criticised their church, and you didn’t even give a reason, which is much worse that criticising Hillsong and giving a reason.

    But even if you do give a reason ie the ordination of gay and lesbians, then doesn’t that invalidate your point about criticism? Shouldn’t you simply be shouting for joy at all of their many positive accomplishments.

    And BTW, why do you not want to discuss homosexuality on your blog when you posted the link which raised the issue?

  4. Thanks for the invitation.

    This blog is a place for me to air my feelings and thoughts, its my blog!!

    My invitation was to check out the website. I think its pretty obvious from what they are proud of, why I, a Baptist Minister, would have a problem with what they are doing. Thats clear.
    I think its pretty clear where I stand on the ordination of practicing homosexuals. But I doubt you will change my opinion, or that I would change yours. And I would prefer to spend my time on other things, rather than debating this.


  5. Just for the record, I presently attend a Baptist Church, and I hold the belief that homosexuality in itself is not a sin. I believe that we should accept and love homosexual people for who and what they are, and that they should not be subjected to discrimination. We should expect no more or no less than the same standard of morality that we expect heterosexual Christians to abide by. I know that my Pastor does not agree with this but I hope that this is not grounds for excommunication.

    I find it curious that despite all the many wonderful accomplishments of the UCC, simply because of their stance on that one issue, you would publicly recommend that people stay away from that church.

    There are a million contentious issues in the bible, but why is this issue particulary held up as the issue on which orthodoxy hinges?

    OK, I know you don’t want to talk about this issue, so feel free to ignore this comment. I just wanted to say what I had to say.

  6. No problem Nilmot, thanks for your comments.
    can I make one final comment?

    I think everyone of us has a predisposition towards sin. Whether that be lust towards anothers man’s wife, or another man’s boyfriend.

    I do not believe a practicing adulterer (with another man’s wife) should be ordained as a minister. Nor do I believe that a practicing homosexual should be ordained.
    I have come a long way on this issue, and do believe that people can be born with this ‘tendency’, just as an angry person can be born with violent tendencies.
    That does not mean we should practice it, (homosexuality) nor revel in it, as the UCC appear to do.
    I do believe to practice homosexuality is a sin, but I am definetly not debating that here, in a public forum, it is far too easy to be misunderstood.

  7. Needles to say, I disagree with your thoughts and logic here, yet I know where you are coming from, as I was once on your side of the fence. Obviously your’s is still the majority position, particularly within Evangelical Christianity, yet ultimately I believe that the current stance of the church will be discarded, just as Young Earth Creationism is being discarded.

    But nonetheless if nothing else I wish that those on your side of the fence would concede that there is another side to this debate, those of us who disagree are still serious about Christianity, we do not need to be avoided as though we are not really Christian, and that there are many gay christians who are committed to life long monogamous relationships and who’s faith in Jesus Christ is real and valid.

  8. Mr. Edwards.

    I am gay, and live in Perth not far from Bedford.

    What is Bedford Baptist church’s position on gay people attending the church?

    Should gay people like myself be warned against attending your church?

    Also do you have any people in your church who practise sin?

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