Angus Buchan

I attended the Mighty Mens conference on Friday night and Saturday as Advent Park in Maida Vale. The facilities were pretty basic and we met together under the sky.

It was a truly inspiring event as 500 + men from all over the state gathered together.

Eliot and team led the worship time, and hearing all these blokes singing together was worth the price of admission alone. We met under the gum trees and sky. It was hot, but cooled off a little at night.

Angus Buchan is an incredible speaker and motivator. He is gifted in imparting strength, wisdom and is filled with a real sense of God’s enabling. His ministry would be best described as helping men take their place as leaders, in church, home and work situations. Angus has a healing ministry which was evident over the two days as he prayed for men, and anointed them with oil. It was a powerful event, with much ministry being done.

If you get a chance to see the movie, “Faith like Potatoes” take it. It is a powerful movie based on Angus’ life and tells you that out of brokenness comes strength.

It would be pretty exciting to attend their annual conference as well, which apart from camping fees, is free.
I did all the visual stuff for the conference, including setting up projectors, monitors and screens for showing the movie. It was interesting trying to keep up with the muso’s, who were asked to play different songs at a moments notice. I had to figure out what song they were going to play by the first few bars of music, find the song, and get it up on the screen in time for the blokes to be able to read it. I also had to load up pictures and some other things at a moment notice as well! It was fun though, and probably a small contribution of a well run conference.

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  1. I do not know how to contact you but my son which won a competition sterre 2000 in 1994 has written a gospel music peace: South Africa a country waiting to be born which is such an inspiration and would you be so kind God willing that i send you by e-mail this piece of music and the words. If you want to use my son with your ministry please let me know Riana Nel

  2. My son has a gospel music peace> South Africa a country waiting to be born which i want to send to you to listen. How do i go about sending this music peace via e-mail?

  3. i would like to hear if it is ever possible that angus would have a get together with all the ladies?? how do we encourage our mighty men? what should we do to keep them motivated? MAYBE HIS WIFE COULD TELL US?

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