Safe places for men

A few things have happened in the past few days that have caused me to reinforce my value that men need places for men….and there is nothing wrong with that.

I wonder if history does not inform us that men have always wanted time to just be men, with other men. My observation is that women need exactly the same thing, places where they can feel safe with other women, to be vulnerable.

Sometimes political correctness, and a belief that we must always be inclusive overides natural good sense.

One thought on “Safe places for men”

  1. Hey Mark!!!
    That kind of stuff happens here at the Bridge. I must admit the Ladies are a lot better organised that the blokes!!!

    All us blokes are going to do a four wheel Drive thing along Cheynes beach and camp out the weekend end of Feb – trouble I admit when us blokes go away and we get talking around the fire at night we do tend to look inward a little too much. The Ladies, when they came back they are all fired up – GOD BLESS THE LADIES AT THE BRIDGE.

    Mark Randall

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