Kitchener Park New Football Stadium

The WA government have once again displayed an extraordinary lack of vision in their announcement today that Kitchener Park will be the sight of the new stadium.
The visionary option was East Perth.

East Perth is at present hosting a deserted electricity factory with beautiful views of our cities best assest, the Swan River. Can you imagine the stunning views as people from all over Australia saw the new stadium with the setting sun and beautiful vista of our river in the background? The train line would have mean easy access for many people, and the Polly Farmer freeway would have provided easy access, with no need to drive past whinging Subiaco residents who have meant that Subiaco can only host limited night games.

What is more residents from 93 houses and units along Subiaco Road will forced to move for the new stadium development, most of them Homeswest tenants. These people were being given a chance to see their children grow up in a safe and advancing suburb, now they have to move to please a money hungry WAFC.

This is a stupid short sighted decision.
I suggest you email our Premier.

2 thoughts on “Kitchener Park New Football Stadium”

  1. Oh I’ll be emailing all right – bloody football stadium we don’t need – we have people sleeping on the streets, people who can’t transfer from their wheelchair into bed at night and people going hungry daily in this city because other government programs are underfunded and they want to blow a billion dollars on a football stadium.

    We already have one – its fine.

    I’m pissed off (or can’t you tell?)

  2. I’m glad, actually. East Perth would have been a road transport nightmare – absolutely no parking anywhere (and try telling Eagles fans to catch the train). Also, there’s no pubs/cafes/restaurants anywhere.

    The plan is also to build new housing where old Subi Oval was. No one’s going to lose accommodation – Homeswest people will just be moved somewhere else in the next 5 years.
    Oh and we’ll finally get an North-South ground! Onya Carps.

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