Media Bias against Freo

And people wonder why I have a chip on my shoulder about the media bias against the Fremantle Dockers.

Craig O’Donoghue take a bow. You have just taken out the “Markedly award from shrimp most needing to be BBQ’ed”. His ‘journalism’ in the Age Newspaper is clearly the result of too much cheap chardonny and a free set of windscreen wipers from John Worsfold. Read this line from his article and let it sink in for a moment……

“The Dockers were clearly the worst behaved team in the AFL last year “

Now if you were an illegal alien having just arrived from Botswania I could understand you saying this, if you just read one copy of “The West Australian” last February when Farmer did the wrong thing, and Michael Johnson did nothing wrong, but both, in true AFL Tribunal fashion, had the book thrown at them.

But Craig, bless his heart of integrity, lives and resides in Western Australia, the home of the West Coast Beagles, friends of various underworld types and who Worsfold admitted had “up to eight players taking illegal drugs”. Thrown in Kerr’s assault charges, Selwoods racist and derrogatory comments, Michael Gardiner getting the boot and Braun’s flatlining in LA…and well, I think his comment is at best ill informed, at worst, typical of the media stupidity we Dockers fans put up with on a daily basis.


By the way, did you know that the rehab clinin Ben Cousins attended in the US is now shut down because of the negative publicity attracted to it by Ben??

12 thoughts on “Media Bias against Freo”

  1. Sounds like the rehab clinic brought that at least partly on themselves. But the rest of your comment is probably right – very funny!

  2. Mark for goodness sake, I am on your side here believe it or not. If you’re looking at onfield behaviour, suspensions etc then the Dorkers WERE the worst behaved team, despite your obvious bias. if you’re looking at off field behaviour alone then the Ragles were, no question. See the difference?

  3. Me bias?? noooo….. 🙂

    You may be right about the Dockers on field stuff…but Johnsons 4 week suspension was a dead set joke…..


  4. Sorry my comment was a bit blunt. I pressed ‘Publish your comment’ WAY too quickly 🙁

    And that’s obvious now by looking at my major typo. Who on earth are the Ragles?? 🙂

  5. yeh he’s talking about reports Mark, not their (not-so)private lives.

    though the Dorkers did have their share of off field problems (as did the cats) no one holds a candle to the Eagles there. Interesting that the recent report shows it wasn’t until after the 06 premiership that they decided to act, kinda shows they put success ahead of integrity, but then, you talk to their supporters, and alot of them seem to agree with that position.

  6. I think he’s trying to cloud the real issues, and
    he neglects the fact that the Eagles had one player suspended from on field duties for at least 12 months….now you could argue that that is because of off field indescretions, but, many commentators believe his off field issues affected, in a performance enhancing sense, his on field performance.

    So add in Cousins 12 months, take out Johnsons ridiculous 4 weeks, and I would take issue with even the on field assesment.

  7. I would really love to see the Dockers play Collingwood at North Albany next Saturday, but I reckon I will be watching the Eagles V Collingwood, cause the Dockers are going to belt an undermaned Eagles outfit – they reckon 8000 will be there (at North Albany)!!!

  8. Gardiner was traded in 2006. Fletcher flatlined, not Braun (he was the bloke who swore on telly.)
    And don’t get me started on the tribunal. Baker gets done because some bloke in row 145 thought he saw something.

  9. where did Gardiner go???

    Farmers bleeding head might have something to say about Baker…btw Farmer stuck up for Baker….

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