I rarely watch TV but…

Why do we make this statement, “I rarely watch TV but I saw this show on how Brooke split up with Taylor etc etc…’
What is it within us that makes us apologise for watching TV…or feign guilt about it?
You don’t hear people say, “I rarely go to the movies, but I just happened to catch Hugh and Nicole and she was so wooden….”

All things in moderation I reckon.
At present, with the non ratings rubbish on, thats pretty easy! But there is still some good stuff on. For me, Prison Break and Heroes. Lately I have got addicted to both of them, sometimes recording them when I am too bombed to stay up that late. Also ‘Top Gear’ (the UK version) on Monday nights.
And….with the ‘Spicks and Specks Christmas Special’ being essential viewing…enjoy your zone out time…in moderation.

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