Bit light on….

Very busy at the moment…
getting ready for our church agm….will post a highlights video shortly….
preparing church vision document….meeting with leaders…our church is a very exciting place to be at the moment.

also getting ready for the Angus Buchan conference, should be an awesome time…with close to 1300 men already registered, we are stoked…the worship time with that many guys will just be fantastic….praying that God chooses to reveal things to men, challenge and inspire them…
But with so many blokes coming, the pressure is on to make it good…pray for me, pray for Eliot as he leads the worship time, and pray for Angus and his team, that the Holy Spirit will empower, direct and give him discernment.

Had one of the best beers I have ever had today, snuck away from the office (should not have, no time to waste, but a good mate needed to chat…so down to Freo we went)….at the Little Creatures brewery…. a ‘bright ale’….straight from the tap…cold….absolutely superb.

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