Craggs last Sunday

When we started this whole adventure of merging two churches, one of the key issues was leadership. This was actually solved rather rapidly when Pastor Colin decided that his call was to plant churches and resource leaders in India with CRM ministries.

It has been an absolute joy, and an unexpected strength to work with Colin these past 8 or 9 months. It will be tough to say goodbye, a large part of me wishes that he could stay on. But God has called Craggs family to another nation.

What a joy it will be to hear and see what God does through them. I think Colin is gifted for this type of ministry, teaching, coaching, discipling, enabling others to plant churches. He will be a great resource for them. Their gain, is our loss.

If you know Colin and Carolyn, and are at a loose end on Sunday, it would be great to come and wish them well.

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