Love for one another

In preparation for my second message in the series, “What Jesus said that changed the world” I came across a discussion and quote from Keirkegaard. I am speaking on, “love one another, by this the world will know that you are my disciples.

“Worldly love thrives on distinctions. Some want to love only the rich and powerful. Others, in the name of justice, scorn the rich and powerful, and say that only the poor and needy should be loved. Kierkegaard thinks that the Christian understands such distinctions, and does not think that one can abolish all such distinctions and establish a utopia of strict human equality. The Christian does care about injustice and rejoices that such evils as slavery have been abolished. Nevertheless, the Christian does not expect that strict equality with respect to worldly distinctions can ever be achieved. The Christian is then required to have the ability to look beyond and around all such worldly differences, to refuse to allow them to distract from the task of loving the neighbor. The rich must love the poor and the poor the rich, though what is required by love may of course be different for each. Fundamentally, love is a capacity to care for the well-being of the other and to do what one can for the other’s good, whether that be much or little in an external sense. The greatest good I can do for my neighbor is to help my neighbor become more loving! ” Kierkegaard’s Christian Ethics of Love by C. Stephen Evans

I want to be known as one of His disciples. It is not easy to love people I dont like.

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