The AFL & 1984

I think Andrew Demetriou and Adrian Anderson have found the novel ‘1984’ at the back of some Lygon St secondhand bookstore and thought they had stumbled onto a ‘policy document’ for running a sporting competition.


They have proposed rule changes such as allowing a goal if the ball hits the post and interchange restrictions. These rules don’t ‘tweak’ the game, they change it fundamentally.
All in the name of making the game ‘better’.

What the AFL ruling body are forgetting is that they are custodians of the game, they don’t own it! The game is healthy, millions support it, it is uniquely Australian. I say that because it is obvious from how well indigenous players go, that AFL finds its soul in our Australian culture. Who cares if no one else gets it or plays it? Its our game….leave it alone!

Andrew and Adrian seem to be following the pattern set by various educational ministers, they feel they must leave their ‘stamp’ on the game. They have already done that by successfully launching new teams, and helping the AFL to be financially stable.

But the essence of the game is being threatened here. What other game has its rules changed at a administrators whim? On a hunch?

Do we all remember the ‘flooding’ debate? Coaches adapted, the game adapted, and naturally, teams found a way to beat it.

Leave the game along Adrian, concentrate on what you are good at.

2 thoughts on “The AFL & 1984”

  1. I think we need to sort out the post rule. If the ball hits the post and go the point or goal area it should be called as such.
    I would like to see play on if it bounces back into play, ensuing chaos will follow.

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