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Finished up our series on “God UNboxed” on Sunday. Spoke on this famous phrase on Sunday “I AM” Jesus said….Here is part of it,

Now a living breathing Jesus takes on that attribute for Himself.
We have the greatest claim a person could ever make. I am God. A human being, breathing and dying in the end, claimed He was before eternity and was God.
That is the greatest claim.
But for us, living in this contemporary world, it is also the greatest problem.
Many other major religious leader point to what a good lifestyle is, they say who you should follow. They may also claim some form of divinity at some point.
Jesus says actually I am God, the only one God, you can be with me, you can’t be like me, and you need to follow me. You need to find true life through me.  I am, I am, I am.

Bono observes, “Look, the secular response to the Christ story always goes like this: He was a great prophet, obviously a very interesting guy, had a lot to say along the lines of other great prophets, be they Elijah, Muhammad, Buddha, or Confucius.” “But actually”, he says, “Christ doesn’t allow you that. He doesn’t let you off that hook.” “Christ says, No,” Bono continues. “I’m not saying I’m a teacher, don’t call me teacher. I’m not saying I’m a prophet. I’m saying: ‘I’m the Messiah.’ I’m saying: ‘I am God incarnate.’ . . . So what you’re left with is either Christ was who He said He was-the Messiah-or a complete nutcase. . . . The idea that the entire course of civilization for over half of the globe could have its fate changed and turned upside-down by a nutcase, for me that’s farfetched.”

Now this is where the problem comes in. We cannot have a mild response to Jesus. You cannot say you believe what He said, and do nothing about it.
If you believe He is God, you should fall on your knees. you should bow in worship, you should sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to Him.
but the claims of Jesus about himself cannot provoke a mediocre, ordinary, weak response!
No wonder Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for the Laodecian church in Revelation. He said to them, you are lukewarm. you are not offensive, you are middle of the road, you are ordinary…and so I spit you out.
Like a bit of vomit in my mouth, you are disgusting and I spit you onto the footpath. Thats pretty strong, but it is what Jesus response to them is! Because of their response to HIM the Great I AM!

I prefer a belligerent atheist or a seeker. I prefer someone who says I hate God, or I don’t believe in God, or I just don’t know about God, to someone who says…yeh Gods okay.
Gods okay? No He is not. He is an eternal fire, He is an all consuming warrior, He is king of kings, He is Lord of Lords, He is judge, He rides on the clouds, and carries a sword. Author of life, One who gives life Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, Lion of Judah,  Bright Morning Star. The one who gives light Revelation Word of God Jesus is the voice of God Revelation 19:13 Holy and Righteous
He is I AM

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  1. I agree with Dave Q.
    Unitarians think they are giving more glory to God by saying He is one, but by saying Jesus is a mere man and a creation, they are failing to give Him the glory He deserves.

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