Abraham and Lot

Abram said to Lot, “Let’s not have fighting between us, between your shepherds and my shepherds. After all, we’re family. Look around. Isn’t there plenty of land out there? Let’s separate. If you go left, I’ll go right; if you go right, I’ll go left.”

Money…too much of it, can cause conflict in families.

This problem was solved by Abraham being generous. Lot….you choose….take what you want.

Why did Abraham do this, because his value was peace and joy in the family over wealth. He trusted God with the results.

Lot chose the best for himself, and it cost him his family.

One thought on “Abraham and Lot”

  1. So true! And so timely.
    We are following Abraham’s journey in a sermon series at the moment (in West Leederville)… and I’m slowly praying through and digesting the contents of TEAR’s “Enough” publication. Abraham gets away with sharing his wife, but Lot gets the shove for clinging to wealth. We fervently oppose the federal government’s attempt to care for gay couples while we sit comfortably with our wealth. (Apparently if you earn more than $15000 per year, you are in the wealthiest 12% in the world).
    I wonder what God thinks of us…. actually, I already know. For some unfathomable reason, He loves us!

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