Listening to the Spirit

Pastor Dale Stephenson from Crossway Baptist Church spoke at our Annual Baptist Celebration Service on Friday.

The message he gave was a challenging one enriched with real life stories. The main idea was that we need to be open to ‘hearing the voice of God’. It was a message that we need to hear. As Baptists we can be accused of being proud of our Biblical heritage. One very interesting point Dale brought our was that the original Baptists refused to sign up to any creeds because they believed that God can continue to reveal things from the Word, and so no creed should be said to be final and authoritative. This quote from Wikipedia is informative, ” The Baptists have been non-creedal “in that they have not sought to establish binding authoritative confessions of faith on one another”.[9]:p.111 While many Baptists are not opposed to the ancient creeds, they regard them as “not so final that they cannot be revised and re-expressed. At best, creeds have a penultimacy about them and, of themselves, could never be the basis of Christian fellowship”.[9]:p.112″

In other words, its in our Baptist DNA to be open to what God is saying today, which may differ in application to what He said yesterday.

I wonder what God is saying to me…and to you….today. Or has it been some time since you heard anything fresh from God?

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