His Church will never fall

There is a certain cultural element of Western Christianity which seems to take delight in a ‘fortress’ mentality when it comes to contemporary culture. The sort of attitude perhaps born out of an interpretation of scripture that contemporary life is going to get increasingly worse, like in the days of Noah.

This can lead to a sense that the Church is irrelevant, dying, washed out.

I wonder if sometimes we are like Elijah wailing in the dessert about how he is the only true prophet left. God comes to him and points our the truth. He is alive and working, and there are many on His side, actively working out their faith.

I think rumours of the demise of the church only serve to negate the truth that God is alive and well, and His people are active in even Western Culture. The recent release of Hillsong United album ‘Empires’ is one startling example. What is essentially a worship album with truly biblical lyrics finds itself perched at number one on the Aria Album charts. Second is Daniel Johns (of Silverchair fame) newly released solo album. Daniel has been featured on the round of talk shows and promo invites. Interestingly enough, the Hillsong Team have also found themselves been given opportunities to share of their faith and ministry on such shows as Sevens ‘Sunrise” program.

God is active, as is His Church. His Bride, will far from being perfect, is relevant to a contemporary culture, even a consumerist Western one.

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