Cows, meat, mmmmm

Watching on old episode of friends tonight.
The one where Phoebe is pregnant and craving meat.
Joey, being the good guy he is, tries to salve her vegetarian conscience by saying that he will decrease his normal intake of meat to offset her taking it up.

If there is anyone out there who needs me to eat less vegetables, to salve their conscience about upset brussel sprouts or screaming carrots, let me know.

If anyone wants to know why my six year old son keeps asking me for more hungarian salami….well the tree does not fall far from the apple tree!!

If anyone out there wants me to give up meat…..naaaah.

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3 thoughts on “Cows, meat, mmmmm”

  1. Thing is though Mark – even 1 night a week meat free you would be doing the planet and it’s future generations a big favour. The production of meat consunes vast amounts of water and produces quite a large ecological footprint for the return it gives.

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