Looking foward to Sunday…

So nice to be looking forward to church on Sunday….its has been exciting the last few weeks….what is God going to show us this week as we gather together for corporate worship?

There is so much to look forward to in life, God gives joy, purpose and meaning….
I am in a great place at the moment. Compared to how things have been, I just need to be grateful for a while.

I also am experiencing what Hybels calls “Holy Discontent”. There is so much opportunity around at the moment for our gathered community, the fields are ready to harvest….we just want the harvest to start coming in.

One thought on “Looking foward to Sunday…”

  1. The harvest doesn’t just come in, you have to go and harvest it. The fields are white but the labourers are few. The harvest is OUT THERE, not in that comfy building.
    GO PREACH the gospel- and not to the converted, and then you will have a harvest!

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