West Coast Eagles excuses….

1. Its Freo’s grand final….they always try harder than the Eagles for this game
2. The umpires were bias
3. Freo are Pavlich centrich
4. Josh Carr is mean to our players
5. Jeff Farmer celebrates too much when he kicks a goal
6. We don’t get no respect from the Freo coach
7. We are still ahead of you on the ladder…..aren’t we? Surely we are? what??!?!? Well we should be….
8. Its not fair, I don’t watch much footy anymore anyway….leave me alone.

All that matters is the following….

12.15 (87) to 10.13 (73)

6 thoughts on “West Coast Eagles excuses….”

  1. two things: i havent seen that many turns overs in a match in a long time, the skill level was horrid of both teams.

    and, has harvey dyed his hair?

  2. what an enjoyable arvo. the first weagles supporters i saw leave left at 3/4 time.. fair dinkum!! from that trickle it became a flood by the 20 min mark of the last quarter. they’re really made of soft stuff those weagles fans

  3. No 1 ranked player, Aaron Sandilands for hitouts, 25 this game, against Cox, who is meant to be the best ruckman in the AFL.
    Ranked 2nd in Hitouts Per Game
    Ranked 1st in least Opponent Hitouts Per Game
    on the back of another superb effort by the big man, and well supported by Warnock and Gilmore.

    Harvey’s hair?
    check this out…

  4. classic! It was a lovely dark brown yesterday I am sure!

    The point with Sandi isn’t that he doesn’t get the tap, it’s where it goes.

    Again this week, they had more hitouts but fewer clearances.

    I know you blame the midfielders, but personally I think he doesn’t tap to advantage…

    I get the feeling neither of us are going to change our tune on this… 🙂

    Meanwhile, that $34 for the Dees, wasn’t looking to shabby at stages today. We won by 5 goals in the end but still, it was meant to be a billion points if you listened to the commentators.

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