Cameron Schwab Quits

Cameron has quit as CEO of the Dockers….personal reasons.

Cameron is without doubt the best performing CEO in the league.
He came in when the club was a financial basketcase, in debt for millions.
He has overseen the best increase in membership of any club, and tranformed us into a very well sponsored club…..and one of the financial powerhouses.

Well done Schwabby….thanks.

3 thoughts on “Cameron Schwab Quits”

  1. without a doubt? rubbish. Cookie is the best. millions in debt to reigning premiers in afl,vfl, new stadium developments etc. etc. but yes, schwab was terrific. Just not the best 🙂

  2. Cook is a close second…I would agree with that.

    The Toast should have kept him, instead of Nisbett who has overseen the worst period in the Weegirls history and should have been sacked 12 months ago.

  3. Indeed. He left the Eagles because of the Geelong offer i think, so I suppose they had the chance to offer him more or whatever. Though I think is he the sort of guy that seeks out a challenge…

    Who knows, maybe he will be leaving the cats for the dockers? haha.

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