Plundering the Egyptians

I was reading and praying through a overseas missionary prayer letter I recieve and one segment caught my attention.
A group which cares for an orphanage in a Asian country are showing the movie “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. But thats not the interesting part. They are showing it on a tv which the local mafia have donated to the orphanage. The local mafia are into long term planning and see the orphanage as an ideal staff recruitment resource.

Thats pretty sick.

But its interesting the Christian group are using what the evil group gave as a wonderful tool for good. What the Devil plans for evil, Gods people can redeem and use for good.

How would you feel though, about using money a local mafia group had donated for some church work?

3 thoughts on “Plundering the Egyptians”

  1. It’s kind of similar to Churches of Christ Qld choosing never to accept donations from Golden Casket (the state lottery)even though losts of $$$ have been offered for different projects

  2. sigh….yes it is…

    take the money!! Use it, as one wise man said…its just money!! Use it for good things.

    Most of the money from state lotteries does not even come from lotteries, but from the government anyway.

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