Quaffable Quotes

“That has drawn the accusation that Freo “gets up” for the Eagles more than other opposition – a barb Carr says emanates mostly from vanquished West Coast followers.

“It is a big game in this town, but it is definitely not my grand final I can tell you that much. I treat it like I am playing any other game, and I expect to win any other game I play,” Carr said.

“I think mostly it is an excuse from Eagles supporters that we use it as our grand final when they lose them.” (Josh Carr)

4 thoughts on “Quaffable Quotes”

  1. looks like your boys have the shortest odds this week, hope they don’t disappoint.

    I went with them last week and they didnt let me down, so hopefully they can make it two in a row eh?

  2. I would think so…time to clear the throat…”Heave Ho
    I’m hoping for a low stress game full or lairising and mexican waves as we are in front by 20 goals at third quarter….

  3. getting my tix on monday for the cats clash. Last year was an enjoyable match, looking forward to a repeat of that 🙂

    My membership only gets me tix to one interstate match, so i am using that for the eagles game as you cant buy tix to that. luckily for me, the dockers still dont have the membership to restrict general sales.

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