Friends in Ministry

I have had a few conversations this week about having friends in ministry.
What would we do without them?

Over here in WA we are starting to see the emergence of mentors for Pastors. Now as I survey the landscape, those in business find coaches, those in education find seniors to help them and offer advice. We in ministry need people who have gone before us, but are not so far removed from our situation, that they can offer meaningful, pragmatic and reflective advice, counsel and exhortation (re: Kick up the bum if we need it)

Those leaders who have a reasonable capacity for leadership naturally seek out friends, mentors and guides. We ask questions, we listen. While the natural inclination may be to talk, and share about your situation, it is far more valuable to be able to listen and learn, than just off loading.
Also…prayer support. Just having someone who will take time out to pray for you. So often we are the ones praying for others, it is needful to find someone who will pray for us.

I am helping organise the annual pastors conference here in WA….2gether. Looking forward to hearing, networking, listening and praying.

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