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I am increasingly convinced that how we want people to think of us….is not always how they do.

example…..I sent a comment to someone via email as a jocular comment on something we had both seen. They were not offended…but sent it onto the person who had produced the material, as they thought I was sincerly offended by it….wooh….

back track big time….send out explanation email…all okay.

But boy….sometimes I presume things about the relationships I have with people….but you need to be careful, especially in the electronic word…and maybe doubly in the Christian world. People can get the wrong idea so quickly.
Its good to have friends who know you, and whom you can say whatever you want to them.

Pastors especially need this, or at least I feel they do…which is only my persective of course. So often, whether we agree with it, or like it…people put us up on display.

I heard a story once about Prince Charles. He deliberatly swears at dinner parties when he meets new people, just so they know that they can relax. It may not be the best option, to swear I mean, but I can understand why he does.

2 thoughts on “another example”

  1. Much time covering our backs when we should be moving forward. When at Albany CoC I took a lot on board and too heart, it became very tiring, now it’s their problem not mine.

  2. email is the worst for having comments misinterpreted. i had a friend i used to work with and i always would make a note of the ‘tone’ of the email for her so she’d know when i was joking.

    but even in real life i’ve had people in the past accuse me of being smug or of flirting when neither had been my intention.

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