Well that blows….

Dockers looked flat, from go to whoa…
Tigers young brigade ran and ran.
If it were not for the errant kicking for goal and turnovers…the Tiges would have won by more…

No excuse…but umpire 30 was shocking….
sigh, there is always next week.

13 thoughts on “Well that blows….”

  1. ahhh well know your pain

    ripper 3rd quater for the Dons to get ahead of the dogs, then they seemed to forget there was a 4th quater and just laid down and died.

    more hamstring injuries as well, something has to be wrong with their training and fitness routines that nearly all bombers suffer from them at some stage.

  2. um…yeah can’t really blame a 10 goal loss on umpires…

    Meanwhile, will to Dockers fans still show next week against the Cats? I got my tickets today…Will there be more Cats fans than Dockers fans? Crowd numbers have shown they can be a bit of a fair weather crowd…

  3. I didnt make any excuses…
    “No excuse…but umpire 30 was shocking”

    Dockers fans are the most resilient of any team… 37,000 plus there yesterday…
    I remember 2001 when we won 2 games, one of them away..and there were still 25, 000 that turned up week after week…

  4. i wasn’t accusing you of making excuses, i was agreeing with you because I have seen people try that but have seen it, particularly from eagles fans 🙂

    that 25000 though is what I mean, its not a big number by WA standards for a game. Eagles fans tend to drop off significantly when they aren’t traveling well too. My experience of footy in Vic though is numbers for the big teams stay pretty consistant regardless of performance, its a bit more cultural or something. By the big, by big teams I dont mean the cats, i mean pies, dons etc.

  5. I was there too…..North Melbourne and Melbourne struggle to get crowds that big during their succesful years!!

    Dont call us bandwaggon hoppers!!

  6. haha, not you personally perhaps, but every club has a bunch. I have been a regular member of that cats for years with seemingly few others around, they finally have a win and there seem to be cats fans everywhere.

  7. I have to back Mark on this one – given that the Dockers have achieved diddly-squat over the course of their history, I would have to say their membership is suprisingly good. (Comments made as someone who also sat through the “Drum-years.”)


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