Barry Hall….oh dear

Pretty gutless mate….brain fade….all I can say is that he looked pretty remorseful in the change rooms at half time…but who knows….
Ironically..if he gets 6 weeks, which many are saying he is…his first game back will be against the weegirls at Subi…round 7. Reckon they might boo him???

8 thoughts on “Barry Hall….oh dear”

  1. That was pretty bad. It will be interesting to see what he gets. It took me back to the 70s and 80s before the trial by video days. I am glad Stakers jaw was ok as he was finding his place in the Eagles team.

  2. Considering they are looking at developing the game in the Gold Coast and West Sydney and the impact this sort of thing has on young players, get ready for 10 weeks I reckon.

  3. 3 weeks out with that prediction, should have had more. The Adelaide Now website has votes at 69% saying he should’ve had 10-12.

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