Fair Game

The interesting thing about a blog is that it is not like a typical journal, because your thoughts are in the public arena, and therefore fair game. Something I have discovered this week.
How careful do I need to be with what I write on my blog? Things written in jest can get you in trouble, and one persons sense of humour, may not be shared by others.

I am not in the business of deliberatly offending people, unless I think they deserve it, just as Jesus did, and sometimes I offend people for the wrong reasons, because I am far from perfect.

Writing a blog is a little like leadership. If you say nothing and do nothing, you cant be misunderstood, or understood and not appreciated!

My sense of humour is a little warped at times. My love for the Dockers is as Matt Price (The Australian) wrote once, ‘a lovely distraction, not to be taken too seriously’.

My dislike for the WC Eagles is also warped, some might say dysfunctional. Its part of my combative nature. It stems from my perception of their arrogance, whether true of valid, thats where I think it comes from. I have always liked the underdog.

My love for people has grown, as I hope I have become more gracious. Yesterday I picked up someone and drove them to church, while they smoked (something that may or may not have been nicotine) and drank a beer, all before 10am. I am convinced about some matters that involve lifestyle choices. My belief in the scriptures is high, but my practice of them is unfortunately not always as it should be. My feet are made of clay. Sometimes some of that mud shows itself in this arena.
Thats me. I wont be going politically correct on this blog, nor will I just write innoffensive fluff material. If you dont agree with something, feel free to say so. But at the end of the day, this is my blog. I hope you like it, and get a laugh out of it sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Fair Game”

  1. Mate, definitely warped and dysfunctional in your approach to the Eagles 🙂

    I like you blog, and the odd opportunity to spar.

  2. write what you want to!

    be bold

    be prepared for some biffo and all is good

    if you don’t go out to deliberately offend then you are starting in a good place.

    it is dangerous territory the public domain. i have often been read as saying stuff i didn’t actually say… but such is life!

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