Cousingate part three

The story grows…..
It appears now that Ben did not inform the club of the midemenour until Liam Bartlett broke the story on Friday. He must have been sweating on that uncofessed information all week.

What a shame that he did not just go through the booze bus.
Okay, if he was stupid enough to drink and drive thats one thing. But to run?
He should have faced up to his responsibilties like any normal citizen. One of the issues of course is that he is not a normal citizen, he is the captain of the most publicised sporting club in Western Australia, and whether he likes it or not, a role model to thousands of kids.

2 thoughts on “Cousingate part three”

  1. There are all sorts of issues here, of course.

    How private should a public figures private life be? (Drink driving and footy don’t have much in common, except that I’m sure a lot of footy fans have done the same things Cousins did).

    Which leads to the bigger issue – I don’t know Cousin’s background, but we take some kid who is good at footy, or whatever, make him a star, and then expect to act better than the rest of us, even though the rest of us can’t get it together, and this character may not even have had the advantages we did (although I’m sure Cousins has – it’s the principal I’m talking about).

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