Cousingate part two

Deary deary me,

good to see the weagles on the front and back of the West for all the wrong reason.

My clever wife has given these reasons why Ben may have fled the booze bus

1. He thought the cops said Random Breast Check and he was a committed boyfriend

2. He left the iron on at home and didn’t want the house to burn down

3. The 96FM thunder just announced their location 100 metres up the road and he wanted some freebies

4. The Dockers were signing autographs up the road and he wanted Pavlich’s signature

3 thoughts on “Cousingate part two”

  1. Ah yes, nothing like kicking someone when they’re down.

    Cousins did a very foolish thing and it’s not the first time. While I value moral integrity higher than sporting prowess it is still painfully clear that he is a 1st class footballer.

    I cannot find anything to celebrate in the Cousins situation. In the same way, I didn’t find anything to smile about earlier this year when a high profile Dockers player was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, obstructing police officers and assaulting a public officer.

    What these men have done is obviously unacceptable and they need to be dealt with through the proper channels, but I won’t be gloating over anyone’s fall from grace.

    Those who have high profile sporting positions are not simply targets for opposition fans to shoot down. They are real people who deserve to be shown the love of Christ as much as we do. I can not find it in my heart to condemn them for the sake of sporting one upmanship.

    I hope and pray that they will be able to sort out their lives and go on to make a worthwhile contribution to their respective clubs and society.

  2. Well said Rodney,
    could not agree more.
    The only gloating I do is in jest, and mainly aimed at my eagle loving brother in law.

    Lets hope the Eagles send the right message about this to the thousands of kids running around with the number 9 on their backs.

  3. I think you have taken me far too seriously Rodney.
    Its hardly kicking them while their down.
    Its laughing at someone who has made a complete fool of themselfm, and should have known better.

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