Honourable Loss

Its hard to stomach an honourable loss when you are 1 win, four losses start to the season.
Unless we go on a 9 game winning streak like we did in 2005….Freo’s season is gonski…already.

There were some encouraging signs against the Crows….but our starts are killing us.

When a team locks up the Pav…as they did yesterday…we need another reliable avenue to goal….Tarrant…come back…all is forgiven. Just lead hard and kick straight, thats all we ask.

Defence is starting to look better, and Sandilands played really well…..but our half forward line and midfield were just not intense or skillful enough.
Palmer…..29 possessions from a 4 game player….a gun player.

6 thoughts on “Honourable Loss”

  1. So what exactly is wrong with Tarrant? All I’ve heard is he wants to go back home.
    It’s a bit of a worry when you’re young fella leads the disposals. Bit like Harvey leading the Saints in disposals.

  2. He is home.

    His future mother in law had an accident…he went back to Melbourne to be with him..
    I suspect he will play against Geelong, unless Murphy does.

  3. bragging rights on the line this week Mark. The same game last year was strange, the crowd were so quiet it was weird.

  4. “His future mother in law had an accident…he went back to Melbourne to be with him..”
    Not starting rumours about certain orientation of Fremantle players are you?

  5. i reckon taz needs another couple of weeks with east perth. murphy’s earned a game ahead of him. and what about brock o’brien?? surely he’s earned his chance after a ripper against port bogans last year and good form for peel. we need a hard nut like him under the packs. i’m not expecting to see us beat geelong tomorrow but i’m really looking forward to the game. i sat in awe of ablett in this match last year and can’t wait to see him and the other geelong stars again. i hope we win but even if we don’t it’ll be worth going just to see a champion team in action.

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