Pastor Gary Lamb gets a tat

speechless….then laughing out loud!!
Talk about nailing your colours to the mast….

not about to go through this pain myself though…so dont bother asking.

Prolific blogger and Church planter Gary Lamb has gone and got a tatt of his church logo stuck on his leg…and limbs of his various associates. Lets hope the logo can stay relevant!!

8 thoughts on “Pastor Gary Lamb gets a tat”

  1. He’s obviously committed! Not sure about the wisdom of it thought. A tat of a cross or something generically Christ-centred, yes. Oh well, his body.

  2. What does the BIBLE say about marking your body this was (you cannot justify it just because it is a church logo)?
    I could quote the verse/ passage, but people need to know these things for themselves, and seek them out.
    It is sad when the “church” these days seems indistinguishable from the world.
    Many Christians think they need to lower themselves to the standard of the unsaved rather than holding up a higher standard of a godly life served for Jesus.

  3. i got a southern cross back in 2003 before heading to the UK and at the time they weren’t at all common. i bloomin well return last year to find every man and his dog has one!! well, my next one is gonna be the dockers logo and i can’t see that becoming common any time soon

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